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Month: June 2017

The Inner Critic

Will never stop. You may as well simply acknowledge its presence and remind it that you are still going to do the work you are trying to do. Put its voice on “level 2” like the ceiling fan.

Putting On a Show

Is there a way to promote your business that doesn’t involve “putting it on sale”? How often can you be “on sale” and still survive? What else can we do? Host (or be a host/sponsor) of an Event Is it Read more…

Do I Remind You of Someone?

This week, I’ve had five strangers tell me, “I know you.” I introduce myself and list a few things. This week at least, they haven’t rung a bell, but they have each and every one said at the end of Read more…

Can We Panic?

Nope. No. Never. You do not have that option. You must again, take the long-view approach to your business, have a plan, and under no circumstances panic. Panic will only lead to rash or hasty decisions that you may seriously Read more…

Welcome to Robinson Studio!

We’ve been behind the scenes, helping our clients make the world a better place. If you need help with concepting, ghost writing, social media, and good ideas for how to market your work, kindly consider us. Robinson Studio works.   Read more…