Putting On a Show

Is there a way to promote your business that doesn’t involve “putting it on sale”?

How often can you be “on sale” and still survive?

What else can we do?

  • Host (or be a host/sponsor) of an Event
  • Is it Ladies’ Night? (or Game Night?)
  • Twitter Live with a special guest (once a week, once a month)
  • Facebook Live (what cool things are happening this week?)
  • Contest/Giveaway (join us)
  • Cocktails and Conversations

You get the idea. What could you do OTHER than just running another sale?

Do I Remind You of Someone?

This week, I’ve had five strangers tell me, “I know you.” I introduce myself and list a few things. This week at least, they haven’t rung a bell, but they have each and every one said at the end of the conversation, “Yes, but I know I know you from somewhere, and I know it’s a good thing.”

Words like:
– warm
– friendly
– caring
– nurturing
– wise

I’m going to have to do a little more digging there to see what exactly is happening there, because, like all of us, I want people to like, trust, engage, and warm up to me, whether they ever work with me or not.

My point is this…

What do you/your business remind people of? Are you solid, secure, trustworthy? Maybe your company is new, exciting, and innovative? More of a: Fun, trendy, vivacious kind of place? Perhaps fractured, disjointed, and stressful? Or (please don’t be this one): spiteful, vindictive, cutting?

What do people sense…that presence past just “see” when they are with you or with your company?

Can We Panic?


You do not have that option. You must again, take the long-view approach to your business, have a plan, and under no circumstances panic. Panic will only lead to rash or hasty decisions that you may seriously regret later.

Panic is the equivalent to being drunk.

This is not the disavowal of quick decisions, but it is the complete renouncement of any decisions made in a state of panic.

Keep calm, my Friend.