Do I Remind You of Someone?

This week, I’ve had five strangers tell me, “I know you.” I introduce myself and list a few things. This week at least, they haven’t rung a bell, but they have each and every one said at the end of the conversation, “Yes, but I know I know you from somewhere, and I know it’s a good thing.”

Words like:
– warm
– friendly
– caring
– nurturing
– wise

I’m going to have to do a little more digging there to see what exactly is happening there, because, like all of us, I want people to like, trust, engage, and warm up to me, whether they ever work with me or not.

My point is this…

What do you/your business remind people of? Are you solid, secure, trustworthy? Maybe your company is new, exciting, and innovative? More of a: Fun, trendy, vivacious kind of place? Perhaps fractured, disjointed, and stressful? Or (please don’t be this one): spiteful, vindictive, cutting?

What do people sense…that presence past just “see” when they are with you or with your company?

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