The Art of Listening

The latest statistic states that we have an attention span shorter than a goldfish’s these days.
That literally our focus limit lies optimally between :6s and :15s.
How do you change the world in :15s intervals?
You listen.

If you listen, your client will actually tell you explicitly what it is they need, want, or are afraid of.

They may have the worst case of “SQUIRREL” that you’ve ever encountered, but even those scattered individuals are trying to tell you their┬ámessage. Trying to get you to hear and understand them. If you can cultivate a mindset for truly listening: not interrupting, not one-upping with your amazing story, but listening and asking guided questions to help them gain clarity, you will hear.

The problem is not being “squirrel activated” yourself.

Focus. If you can focus for :15s, there is hope.


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