Ideavirus…is Your Work Infectious

I’ve recently been taking Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar and can not give a loud enough shout out to this man’s long-time work in helping businesses succeed.

In Ideavirus, a free e-book you are welcome to read, download or skim, Seth talks about the importance of having a “hive” (which he later renames “tribes”) which do the work of marketing your product, your service, your “you” to others.

It’s one of the fundamental reasons as a business you do social media: to gather your in-born followers and then to also spread the message to gain new folks in your tribe.

Word of mouth, amplified.

Do you know who your tribe is?

Can you sit down with a piece of paper and actually write about them?

As a human, you probably belong to more than one tribe.

Now, for your business: who fits in your tribe? What are you telling them?

What are they hearing?

Are you communicating?

Are they listening?

Nab the book. Make it homework.

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