Why Are You Asking?

“What’s your secret?”


When someone asks me that question, they can be certain to get a little side eye action from me. A little, “Why are you asking me that question?” The truth is, obviously, I like sharing my knowledge with everyone (it’s called this website), but I also feel like the time and effort I put into my client’s success is confidential: it’s a part of their secret recipe and not up for discussion. You can talk to them about that.

The truth is that I have no magic formula. I just have business savvy that I’ve accumulated over the years and I really try to listen to my client’s needs and give them more than they are hoping for.

If that’s a secret, you are welcome to it.

Sharing Your Good Ideas

Have you shared a good idea with someone today?

Put your thoughts out into the world without expecting payment?

Consider the benefit that this has for you and for those who listen to your ideas.

Let me share with you my experience. The things I have learned that will save you time, energy, and money. After all, I am not in competition with you and it is not a race, so for me, to share these thoughts and good ideas is one of the best ways to grow the common good for all humanity.

What’s a good idea that you can share? It doesn’t even have to be business related to count.

For example: did you know that most homemade dough recipe’s call for too much yeast? Usually, all you need is a teaspoon’s worth.

You Can Do Hard Things

I friend shared what has become my favorite quote of the summer, “You can do hard things. I know this to be true, and I believe in you.” It was apparently the advice of a veteran first-grade teacher to her students, year after year.

And it is absolutely true: you can do hard things. I know this to be true, and I believe in you.

Go for it!

Saying No to Potential Clients

We can no longer take on every client who wants to hire us. I’m talking you and me. I know I can’t, and the odds are that you probably can’t either. There are probably whole villages of people who would be better served going somewhere else.

We have a finite amount of time.

We don’t suite everyone, so there is no point in trying.

I have given up on trying to be priced so low that I am affordable for everyone. No more. If you can not afford me, please go elsewhere. Or go online and learn it yourself. Please do. And I mean that with the kindest and most open of intentions.

We (and that’s the “you and me” royal “we”) work and we work for the success of our clients. Years and years of expertise, knowledge, and resources have been expended to create the level of service that you receive when you hire someone capable.

Respect that.

Honor that.

In yourself and in others. If someone can not afford you, it is best for them to know it up front. We are not interested in a race to the bottom.

How to Eat a Proverbial Elephant

What is the most important thing that you get done today?

The one thing? Write it down.

No, I don’t want to see your list of 500 impossible things that you must get done between now and the 31st. Yes, yes, I do understand that you are completely overwhelmed right now. BUT, listen: I just want you to write down the absolute, single, most important thing that you MUST get done today.

Set your timer for 15 minutes.

Now do it.



What Are You Known For?

Make a list.

Write it out.

What words describe you.

Now, what is your company known for?

Make a list.

Write it out.

Look at it: is it true?

Does it reflect and say what you want your company to say?

Consider posting the lists where you can see it multiple times a day.

If you have a business with a cash register… put the business one there as well.

Let your customers read it. They will let you know if it’s the truth.