Practice. Practice. Practice.

It’s an old New York City joke and if I ever get to go to Carnegie Hall, I’m getting that t-shirt.
Many times, we want instant results. Quick turn hits that prove and grow our industry. The truth is that the best results come from steady, repeated practice with the smallest possible market possible.

Show up for those folks. Over and over and over again. Here’s something I want to challenge both of us to do for the rest of this month. Spend 1 hour a day doing those steady things that promote your business: make the calls, put up the flyers, do the work of letting people know what it is you do. Focus on the smallest group possible. If you are a baker, then focus on the 20 blocks around your bakery. If you are a plumber: take just one zip code.

And it’s not just a one-off, as in one set of flyers or direct mail door hangers. Do it. Measure it. Adjust it. Do it again. Did it work at all? Was it profitable? What one thing can I change and we measure if that makes it any more (or worse) successful.

How much money do you have for this endeavor? How much frequency are you going to get with your budget? That’s why you go small. No big ads. No billboards, unless perhaps it is the one in the center of your micro-target audience.

I hate math. It took me three tries to pass College Algebra. Yet math, my business compadres, can truly be our friend. Math provides data. Data shows results. Results are repeatable if you know what made them work.

Practice. Practice. Practice. You with me?

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