Family or Stranger

There’s a line between “family” and “stranger.” When you are in the customer service industry the goal is to be considered “family”, because, in most cases, we trust family, we listen to family, and we are more likely to do what family asks.

The stranger does not get that level of respect and if you are annoying, you are going to get moved farther and farther to the fringes of “stranger” to “alien” to “enemy”.

But you were only trying to sell them a pair of shoes!

How do you gain trust? By being helpful. By meeting a need. By suggesting a future solution with no strings attached.

A customer comes in the door. Do you stop, smile at them and say “Welcome” the same way you would if it was your favorite sister who stopped by unannounced.

Start there.

Learn their name.

Have an incentive program that rewards them for being a “part of your family.”

Make being loyal painless.

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