Never Stop Searching.

Never stop searching for the best price.

Take random projects and spot check them with other vendors to make certain you are getting the highest quality for the lowest cost.

Recently, I learned this the hard way.

I pulled a quote from a vendor that I have used for nearly two years.

The quote was high and I questioned it, but the vendor said that was the best they could do.

NOTE: at this point, I should have requested additional quotes from other sources!

INSTEAD: I passed the quote on to my client and of course they balked, as I had.

So then, feeling like a fool, I requested additional quotes.

And you guessed it: $5,000 cheaper from another vendor: same quality workmanship.

When you gulp… your client will gulp more… and trust you less, so gulp and get more quotes…just to be certain you are giving your client your very best effort.

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