Mondays are made for lists

as are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

For many of us, we put off doing significant things till “Monday”.

Whether it’s starting to eat healthy or working through the project list that we’ve been avoiding, delaying is always the easier road.

Yet, experience has taught us that delay sets us up for a pattern of not-our-best-effort work.

So, today, on Tuesday, I’m making my to-do list.

Included on my list are things that nuture my business, like:

  • Participating in Mastermind group I am a part of
  • Engaging in several new Twitter forums that I have recently joined
  • Posting on my site
  • Doing the work needed for my clients without delay
  • Reviewing what’s on the horizon and how to smooth out any rough edges

For my writer’s mind, it’s old-fashioned pen to paper. I’ve tried the digital, but, for me at least, I like the ink!

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