Original You Please

You have a choice, right now.

You can either choose to “make something you think people will buy” or you can freaking make that thing that is inside you.

And you will be stuck with that choice for years, for decades, and perhaps for your entire life.

So, think now and decide. Oh yes, you can change your mind, but the pain and the cost is compounded from this moment forward.

Experience shows me that I can not sustain selling myself out.  Odds are, neither can you. Nor can the folks who believe in you.

Goodwill it turns out, has an expiration date.

Daily Discipline

Whatever your strength or passion is, or whatever skill it is that you are trying to grow, the single most important thing you can do is to simply do it.

Every day.

Not get someone else to do it.

You do it.

If you are a writer, write.

Every day.

An artist, paint (or draw or sketch).

No exceptions.

So, for me, a writer, I am doing as my daily discipline challenge National Novel Writing Month. Also known as “NaNoWriMo”.

Every November thousands of us from around the world join in and write.

1,667 words or more every day. For 30 days.

Today, on Day 6, we are supposed to have 10,000 words down.

At 9:30 this evening, I had 8,600. (none added to today’s word count)

At 10:30 p.m., I have 10,095.

I’m more than 20% done with my 50,000 word count.

That’s really cool.

So, start now.

Give yourself 15 minutes.

Or an hour.

Do your thing.