Beware of Dumbing Down

Avoid the race to the bottom.

You know that one where you can do it for cheaper, faster, every time.

That is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out in a simpering puddle of wax.

Not even a spectacular fireball, but rather someone who has a heart of gold, the best intentions, and a real earnestness to do the job well who is simply ground out of the picture.

I am speaking from personal experience and stepping back from the edge of a disaster of my own making. ” My clients are chosen with care for the mutual respect and benefit of us both. For the relationship to be an ongoing win-win for both parties. My craftsmanship makes your work shine. It amplifies your presence and gives you a leadership position. My job makes your job easier and gives you peace of mind. If you can not afford my rates, I completely understand, but I need to live for another sixty years, so you will respect that I have to maintain my work-life balance as well.”

This is a hard internal conversation to have. And you MUST have the internal conversation before you can have the one with a potential client or a client who has gone rogue.

You are worth the differences that you bring to the table. You are worth swimming upstream for.

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