Making Lists, not Resolutions

It’s the end of the year and time for reflecting: what went right in 2017? What could have been done differently? Most importantly, what did you learn about yourself and your business in 2017?

Now looking ahead to 2018, based on the questions above: what are you setting down as your intentions? Not resolutions. Intentions. Resolutions tend to dissolve by the 10th day of January. Intentions can be repeatedly picked back up again and worked on.

Pull out that spiral notebook. Or get all fancy and get a Panda Planner or Simple Elephant Planner or whichever “this thing will change my life if I’ll actually use it” planner and start writing down lessons learned these past 360 odd days and what you plan to do with the next year’s worth.

Here’s my start:

  • craft sustainable business budget (and family budget)
  • Reach out to current client base and thanking them for the working relationship
  • Thank past clients for the good work they allowed me to help them with
  • order branded postcards from MOO or somesuch easy place
  • post daily on Robinson Studio website
  • post daily on social media
  • stay ahead of work flow (writing schedule and social media schedule for clients)
  • strengthen video skills to offer clients
  • continue ongoing research on upcoming work projects
  • read one new book a month (not all business, but also philosophy, psychology, history, social trends, etc)
  • attend a 3-day retreat away and actually disconnect (no phone, no internet, no outside contact)
  • daily morning and evening journaling/planning
  • work/life balance… reclaiming the weekends as personal time
  • scheduling “dates” with spouse and children on a monthly basis
  • scheduling / saving for a vacation that has the intention of vacation vs “I have to take this time off”
  • learning how to play Mahjong

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