Not Trusting Fortune

It is easy to wish our lot was better, easier, softer. An easy trap to fall into. Especially, if the roof over your head depends on it. Yet, we are all so fortunate in so many ways. Most of our days are good and pleasant ones. Our adversities are trivial and can be surmounted with patience, fortitude and a plan.

So Fortune… as in Good Luck or that Windfall or Lucky Break or Priviledge… do not count on that. Do not seek it out or wait for it to drop on you like a mantle from heaven.

Rather, gird yourself up. Face your life head on. Come up with a plan, and another plan and yet another. How can you solve this problem? How long will it reasonably and realistically take? What is the cost to you, both monetarily and mentally?

Move on.

Today, I made a decision to let go of a frivolity that has been obsessing me for several months. Ludicrous thoughts of “I deserve it” or “I can justify it” picked at my peace.


I have a plan of action for getting myself not only completely out of debt, but also on a path of steady solvency. A path that will allow me a greater amount of long-term peace than I have had in many years. So I let it go. Not “gave it up”… but rather let go of my stranglehold of thought on it.

Thomas Edison nailed it when he said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overhauls and looks like work.”

I can work to take care of my clients and my family.

I can work to have a positive outlook on life, regardless of my circumstances.

I will do the work required.

You can too.

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