What’s Hiding in Plain Sight?

January 1, 2018
So, here we are: a new year all bright and shiny with possibilities. Full of wishes, resolutions, intentions, good vibes and hope.
This is good and as it should be. After all, we don’t sing funeral dirges when babies are born, neither should we moan and bewail the new year ahead.

For many of us, today was a day of “non work work”… you may have been recovering from a wild night, or (like me) traveling back home from holiday, or like others, using the day home to “catch up” on things that need doing. Like, I found those missing receipts I thought I’d accidentally tossed!

To start of my 2018, I’m taking a course in Simplifying Life. It is part of my “work hard when you work and be have genuine down time when it is non-working hours”… part of that intention I wrote about earlier.

The mentor speaks about discovering what’s hiding in plain sight. For me, this struck a chord for several possibilities:
1. what work opportunities are hiding in plain sight?
2. who am I bumping into and not really seeing… or listening to?
3. what is another way that I can do this project more efficiently?
4. how can I make this list have credible value?
5. where is there 20 minutes in my morning that I can carve for mindful walking?
6. how do I stretch that budget in a way I had not considered before?

It’s good stuff to chew on as I drift off to sleep and gear up for the first work week of the year 2018. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very good year!

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