In Praise of Solitude

January 2, 2018

Food for thought today comes from an article posted that I recently read regarding the importance of being alone. The difference between being alone vs being lonely. Why society sets up “alone” as a thing to be avoided at all costs and the false, maddening logic behind it.

Sara Maitland’s School of Life book: “How to Be Alone” (I’m getting her other book as my January “read”)

Brainpickings quote,

She enumerates the five basic categories of rewards to be reaped from unlearning our culturally conditioned fear of aloneness and learning how to “do” solitude well:

  1. A deeper consciousness of oneself
  2. A deeper attunement to nature
  3. A deeper relationship with the transcendent (the numinous, the divine, the spiritual)
  4. Increased creativity
  5. An increased sense of freedom

Read the full article.

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