wabi-sabi in your business

So often, we feel that we can not be successful until we are perfect. As a result, we balk, stifle and hold ourselves back for fear of falling flat, disappointing or embarrassing not only ourselves but others.

Consider giving yourself permission to allow the principle of wabi-sabi to flourish in your business efforts. Yes, we strive for perfection, but we are not perfect. We become more perfect in the practicing and in the doing, but until we give ourselves the freedom to do, we are frozen in our ideal and not in our expressive or creative uniqueness. So, we become stale, flat and disappointed by more and more opportunities wafting by.

For example: I have good thoughts. They can either swirl around in my head and do nothing or I can share them.

Being allowed to express them creates even better thoughts and gives insights into how I can improve the thoughts I gave voice to. I learn to listen to myself and strive to craft those ideas as perfectly as possible.

Sometimes, my ideas need tweaking.

Perhaps tweaking is a kinder way of saying “correcting” or “falling short”. A tweak certainly doesn’t sound like punishment or ridicule or humiliation.

We’re learning. Breathe deep and give yourself permission to wabi-sabi.

Let’s give ourselves the freedom to learn and grow in the process. Accepting that we will not always be perfect, nor do we have to be.

Good things will come as a result! I can feel it!

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