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Month: February 2018

But I should be doing more, right?

Not necessarily. Today, for example, I’ve done all the required tasks for the day, but am feeling guilty, like I should be doing more. Getting ahead or doing research. Friends, my brain is tired. My body is tired as well. Read more…

More Lessons From Pelicans: Magic

I know. I know. You are afraid I’m going to turn into the Nature Channel. Perhaps, one day, but not today. Today, as I walk mesmerized by these creatures that have graced our small body of water (a shallow inlet Read more…

Lessons from Pelicans: Teamwork

This week, we have been astounded by hundreds of visiting white pelicans on our small inlet. We’re new to the area and so I didn’t know if this was a “normal” part of the bird migration that I somehow missed Read more…