More Lessons From Pelicans: Magic

I know. I know. You are afraid I’m going to turn into the Nature Channel. Perhaps, one day, but not today.
Today, as I walk mesmerized by these creatures that have graced our small body of water (a shallow inlet bursting with silvery Shad minnows), a remark is made that stops me in my tracks.

My 12-year old daughter says to me, “They are not as beautiful as swans, but I like these birds better. They have a goofy elegance about them that makes you love them.”

She’s right, of course. How many of us spend our lives and our businesses trying to be something “ideal”. Something we are not at all in fact. Rather, we are each these magical, endearing creatures that people enjoy being around and working with.

So, take it from the pellies: work your magic. Swans are overrated!

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