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Month: April 2018

Caterday: snap

Snap! When it’s 10 pm and you think it’s a good idea to send emails: think again. Snap! When it’s Saturday and you think a client or subcontractor or partner won’t mind answering a work question: think again. Snap! When Read more…

Use the Right Word

Mark Twain is credited with the saying, “Use the right word, not its second cousin.” It matters: whether written or spoken.

Accomplishing a Little Thing

The made bed. The meeting notes. The phone call. The conversation. It can start small. Really small. The key is the daily discipline involved in those small, simple routines. If you haven’t seen the “Always Make Your Bed” speech by Read more…

Facing Dragons

Recently, I had to face some dragons. My belief┬ábefore the last 48 hours had passed was that the dragons in my line of sight were the fire-breathing sort that were more than likely going to turn me into the proverbial Read more…

Partners vs Clients

When you have a partner, you are far more concerned with their success than if they were merely a client. A client is someone that hires you to perform a service, but a partner is someone you work alongside with Read more…