Caterday: snap

Snap! When it’s 10 pm and you think it’s a good idea to send emails: think again.

Snap! When it’s Saturday and you think a client or subcontractor or partner won’t mind answering a work question: think again.

Snap! When your kids act out for the fourth or fortieth time this month and you are tempted to get irritated with them, but you’ve worked late every night: think again.

Snap! When you think you can skip setting aside that tax money each month: think again.

In general, it never hurts to think again. You just might save yourself a load of hassle!

Facing Dragons

Recently, I had to face some dragons. My belief before the last 48 hours had passed was that the dragons in my line of sight were the fire-breathing sort that were more than likely going to turn me into the proverbial #burntToast.

So, I spent weeks mentally preparing myself. Looking into alternate plans and routes and tactics. The future seemed shrouded in mist.

Literal months moving piles of paper around on my desk: organizing and breaking them down six ways crosswise. My head was full of numbers and rationales… and procrastination:

  • Do I have to face this now?
  • Is there an alternative?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • The long-term effects on all parties involved

Forty-eight hours later, I have faced my dragons. They turned out to be the stone dragons. Intimidating in appearance, but upon close inspection (and action) unable to harm. I wondered how many had turned back from the path when seeing them in the distance? How close was I from running away in fear and terror of the possibility of failure.

Like fire drills and tornado warnings, it is a good, safe practice to have plans in place and to practice walking those plans out “in the event of”. These past few hours have been that for me from a business perspective. But it was, in truth, not a drill.

Be prepared to face fire. Do not be afraid to do what needs to be done. What you need is on the other side of what frightens you.

Partners vs Clients

When you have a partner, you are far more concerned with their success than if they were merely a client. A client is someone that hires you to perform a service, but a partner is someone you work alongside with to achieve the greatest possible good.

Its a situation where the ultimate successful outcome is a win-win, with usually a couple of tertiary side wins as well (such as the community or the environment).

The negative fall out is the flip of that. Everybody loses, including the side players… the school, the event, the public, the town’s economy.

So, let’s work to build partnerships. We all thrive in those working conditions.