Getting Schooled in Generosity

You’ll know it when it happens: that extra serving of sumptin’ sumptin’ piled high on your plate or in your arms or into your truck bed.

Y’all today I got me a lesson in generosity.

No animosity. No lecture. No, “Honey, that’s not how we do things around here.” No blank stare of unbelief at your ignorance or thoughts of ill will towards your fellow man. Nothing in fact to make you even realize that you might have misstepped.

Just poured over the top of you abundance. Where you walk away dazed and wondering, “What just happened?” And if you can manage to sit still for a moment and go over the conversation/event and ponder “what just happened” it will dawn on you with humility.

Child, what happened was you were just modeled a lesson. A lesson in generosity. In how we are all supposed to behave and treat each other in every circumstance of our lives.

Learn it so you stop embarrassing yourself. And be glad you have such mentors in your life!

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