Give Yourself 15 Minutes to Plan Your Day

Frazzled? When you are running a small business or a new business venture, it can feel like you are running from one crisis to the next. As in, “What is the absolute most important thing that I must get done today?” (or “RIGHT NOW!”)

Ironically, this approach can leave us worn out, weary, and disconnected from feeling like we are actually making any real progress. This is how I spent my summer and it had some rather negative results, some of which I am still working through. With the just past Labor Day weekend, I took some serious time to evaluate what *I* needed to do to change and improve my business. As a result, I’ve put some steps in place to ensure this last quarter of the year has my very best efforts applied to it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share those steps with you, in case you care to add a few into your routine as well.

STEP ONE: 15 minutes
For me, one of the best habits I can easily put back in place is a timed 15 minutes of planning my day and my businesses needs.
If I can do that daily, not only is there a feeling of accomplishment in just that small action, but I am able to track goals and see results. For me, one of the primary purposes of this is to better my communication skills with my clients by not neglecting or dropping any of their projects or deadlines. It also gives me the opportunity to circle back and remind them about short-term goals that may have slipped off their plates as well. I take a very literal approach to 15 minutes and actually set a timer, shut my door, and do not answer the phone, or email or address any interruptions. I have a physical planner. Yes, a digital calendar as well, but my physical planner allows me to write notes and doodle things in a way my tech does not. Plus, the action of writing helps me organize and retain what “the plan” is.

So, here’s your challenge: give yourself 15 minutes, every day. It sounds easy, but it is actually a lot harder than you think it is to be consistent on a daily basis.

Race the clock, if you need to, but get started… ready, set, GO!