“Give me the pill”

The woman was trying to convince the pharmacist that she needed to be given a prescription, not for its primary benefits, but for its side-effect: weight loss. The pharmacist tried explaining that the loss wouldn’t be permanent and that the other side-effects were worse than that “benefit”. The woman continued to debate. I interjected a sentence, “I know how you can lose the weight and keep it off.” I said. They both turned to me, “How?”

“It’s simple,” I replied softly, “you just have to give up sugar and those things which turn into sugar quickly inside your body. I lost over a hundred pounds that way and have kept it off for over six years.”

“Oh, no! I can’t do that!” she explained, “I like sugar to much. Just give me the pill.”

We know there is no magic pill, yet still we search for it, pay for it, and hope that maybe this one will be different than the one we tried before.

I have learned; however, that it’s actually changing my actions that gets me different results. Slow, simple, steady.

Drip. Drip. Drop.

One hundred pounds lost and so much more gained.

Do the work. You really are worth it.

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