They Won’t Fit Into a Box

First you have to figure out who are the people, groups, industries that will reasonably connect with you.

That is a puzzle and takes a lot of testing and adjusting to find that mystical “target audience.”

Yet, even once you’ve found them, they remain squiggly and wriggly and hard to pin down.

So, of course, you can’t put all of humanity in your box: most of them will never care about you, your product or service or what you are trying to do. Regardless, of how much good you may be trying to do (insert your favorite charity here)

Now, the trap we often fall into is thinking that once we’ve found “our people” that they all will fit nice and tight and tidy into our organized, predictable box.

They won’t.

Consider putting them into sub-groups and adjust your message accordingly.

For a fun, teachable video on the subject, watch Malcolm Gladwell’s TedTalk on Tomato Sauce.